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Welcome to the USS Discovery Wiki, the non-canon resource of the USS Discovery simm. We are currently working on 126 articles. Feel free to check out the new pages, recent changes, and statistics.

We are a dedicated group of Star Trek fans who enjoy contributing story ideas in the form of missions, via a forum. We each have one, maybe even two or three characters, by which we contribute out own unique style to an on-going mission, in an attempt to make role-playing interesting and fun. This wiki is our way of keeping a record of our missions, personnel records, planets visited and species encountered.

We are always looking for new players to join us. If you are interested, head along to our forum and create an account! If you are new to wiki-editing or simply want to ask a question regarding this wiki, please visit the wiki forum.

If you still are not sure where to begin, please check our articles which need expanding and/or overall cleanup. If you wish to practice your wiki editing skills, you can check out our Sandbox.

Happy editing!

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